Helping the Emerging Church… Then and Now

EchoCuba has been working in Cuba for the last 25 years. There, we partner with the people, ministries, and churches that we serve to help them recover from
disasters, secure peace, obtain a bible, learn about Jesus, advocate for provide the tools and resources,while they provide the energy and determination to build a better life.

A priority for EchoCuba is to assist the church in Cuba to advocate for Freedom of Religion and Belief from various fronts, using different approaches. Recently, our advocacy efforts have been more targeted and strategic, focusing on on-island and off-island activities to increase the awareness of what is really happening in Cuba.

EchoCuba has been able to take advantage of unique opportunities to send Bibles to churches in Cuba and to help Christians in Cuba stretch the boundaries of evangelistic outreach, flooding the streets with booklets and organizing fun events for children and concerts for adults resulting in thousands of people participating in Evangelical campaigns.