We’ve Come a Long Way! A review of 2019

Our corporate mission is to respond to the needs of the vulnerable peoples of the Americas while affirming their dignity. OAA provides critical aid that saves lives, enhances the quality of life, and strengthens civil society and its capacity to advance the fundamental freedoms and democratic principles that sustain resilient communities.

The purpose of EchoCuba is to collaborate and partner with the Christian Church throughout Cuba to help bring the Love of Jesus Christ and the life changing message of the Bible where it’s needed the most.

The Solomon Project

Equipping theological students, pastors and Evangelical leaders with training, resources and equipment.

Evangelism Campaigns

EchoCuba has been able to take advantage of unique opportunities to send Bibles to churches in Cuba and to help Christians in Cuba stretch the boundaries of evangelistic outreach, flooding the streets with booklets and organizing fun events for children, and concerts for adults resulting in thousands of people participating in Evangelical campaigns.

Advocating for Freedom of Religion

Despite claims it respects religion and belief, the Government of Cuba views freedom of religion advocates as “counter-revolutionaries” who need to be controlled. Pastor Alain Toledano Valiente oversees the work of the Apostolic movement in the region and leads the Emanuel Church in the suburb of Abel Santamaria.

The church, where hundreds of worshippers meet on a weekly basis, and his family home has twice been targeted and demolished by the government. A priority for EchoCuba is to assist the church in Cuba to advocate for Freedom of Religion and Belief.

New Alliance of Evangelical Churches in Cuba

Seven of the largest Evangelical denominations of Christian churches in Cuba held a historical meeting in Placetas, Cuba, to create an alliance of churches: Alianza de Iglesias Evangelicas de Cuba (AIEC). The AIEC is committed to work together in defense of Biblical values; 28 leaders of individual churches signed a document to create the Alianza. The Methodist Church of Cuba, Assemblies of God, Eastern Baptist Convention, and the Evangelical Cuban League are pictured here.

Food for Peace

Proud of our partnership with USAID/Food for Peace providing lifesaving help to the vulnerable elderly in El Salvador, Central America. We serve 230 at elderly homes. Lifesaving prepackaged vitamin rich rice & beans to 674 families in Northern Chinandega in Nicaragua in the heart of the dry corridor of Central America.

Disaster Relief

Food for the hungry and Disaster response to hurricanes and other disasters.

Thanks to many partners and volunteers we were able to send assistance to the victims of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas following the devastation created by Hurricane Dorian in the north-western Bahamas islands.