New Alliance of Evangelical Churches of Cuba

On June 11, 2019, seven of the largest Evangelical denominations of Christian churches in Cuba held a historical meeting in Placetas, Cuba, to create an alliance of churches: Alianza de Iglesias Evangelicas de Cuba (AIEC).

This meeting, followed by the official announcement of the new AIEC, was carried out by an unprecedented gathering of the Evangelical Cuban League (LEC), the Eastern and Western Baptist Church, Iglesia Buenas Nuevas, The Methodist Church of Cuba, Assemblies of God, and Bethel Evangelical Church. In this meeting, 28 leaders of individual churches signed a document to create the alliance. The AIEC is committed to work together in defense of Biblical values.

In a press release, the new AIEC published the following translated official statement: “After analyzing the national Evangelical landscape, we have agreed to form an alliance of Cuban Evangelical Churches which will be focused on the unity and defense of the doctrine and our common biblical principles. The main reason that motivated us to create this alliance, is that the denominations that make up the same do not feel represented before the authorities and the Cuban people by the Council of Churches of Cuba (CIC). Therefore, we are motivated to unify our work in the defense of biblical values.”

The Alliance has already started to take active steps to defend biblical values and beliefs. Recently,they called for stronger protections for freedom of religion and freedom of conscience to be included in the new constitution before it went to public referendum. AIEC leaders bravely united to expose the Cuban government’s efforts to water down previous constitutional guarantees of freedom by initiating two petitions, one signed by 180,000 Cuban citizens.