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October, 2019.

Project: Feeding the children with ADENOCH and FMSC.

Location: Chinandega, Nicaragua.


OAA’s mission is to provide aid and alleviate the suffering and the quality of life of communities where food insecurity and poverty make it difficult for families to provide proper nourishment for their children. One of such communities is Chinandega, located towards the north-western border of Nicaragua, recently benefitted from a 40-foot container donated by OAA’s partner, Feed My Starving Children.

Program Synopsis:

Feeding the children is one of the key projects among the Relief Aid Programming of OAA. At OAA, we feel blessed for having a committed and tireless local partner, Association for the Development of North Chinandega (ADENOCH), with whom we have been able to feed hundreds of children and distribute FMSC Manna Pack Rice to the most vulnerable communities in Chinandega. ADENOCH is a nonprofit association whose mission is to economically and technically develop small and medium sized producers and businesses in the department of Chinandega. The Briceño family from Chinandega needs food donations. Bayardo Briceño and his wife have 4 children, two still under 10. Their second son, Gustavo is 16 years old, he suffers of epilepsy. His family has constantly struggled for years to obtain medicine and food to keep him in good health, which is not always possible due to their low economic means. Bayardo commented that receiving Manna Pack Rice is an answered prayer. Now, he can properly feed Gustavo, without straining his family’s finances, allowing him to focus on other basic needs.

The Need

In many sectors of rural Nicaragua, poverty and lack of development opportunities have led to many families living in sub-optimal conditions, the department of Chinandega is not the exception. Many heads of families have to work informally, with extremely low pay and high uncertainties about their families’ future and economic growth.