“The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is intensifying because political and economic instability has left hundreds of thousands of families without access to food, medical care and essential social services. OAA is working with its local partner Corazones de Esperanza, a Venezuelan Faith-Based Organization (FBO) preparing for massive humanitarian assistance in support of Venezuelans who have an urgent need for help.” Dr. Teo Babun, President and CEO of OAA

Outreach Aid to the Americas – Overview

Outreach Aid to the Americas, Inc. (OAA) is a non-profit, Faith-Based Organization (FBO) incorporated in the State of Florida in 1994. OAA is funded by both private sector donations and grants from the U.S. Government.

OAA maintains in its programming an outstanding management record, having proven methodologies, tools, and training modules used for many years in Cuba, other Caribbean Islands and Latin America. Through expertise in networking, coalition building, and advocacy, OAA introduces key tools to local civil society organizations to enable them to take on a larger role in the governance of their society by providing resources and knowledge. For over 25 years, OAA has demonstrated a strong capacity to achieve meaningful programmatic success, accountability and Monitoring and Evaluation plans. OAA has been fully dedicated to the implementation of humanitarian aid programs. OAA is one of the few organizations in the world with proven successful experience working in repressive and closed society environments such as Cuba. Through these programs, OAA has supported over 1,800 FBO partners and demonstrated sound ability to achieve programmatic objectives and deliver measurable results, while developing a trusted network. OAA has strategically forged partnerships with home-grown FBOs in different countries in Central America, which emerged from their communities with mission, vision, and organization. Only in the last two years, OAA successfully shipped over 25 containers with humanitarian aid, including food, relief aid products, power generators, shoes, and more.

Success through Private Partners Contributors

OAA recognizes that the success on all its programs rely heavily on the solid partnerships with key U.S. private contributors, who finds a matching on their mission of supporting the vulnerable people in the countries where OAA serves. Thus, committing with substantial donations that fuels the delivery of humanitarian aid in countries in critical need of all types of goods. Some of our Private Partners, committed with providing dehydrated and nutritious food products include:

| Feed my Starving Children                   | Matthew 25 Ministries                   | Breedlove Foods

| Feeding the Nations                               | Lifeline Christian Mission             | Gleanings for the Hungry

Miami, Florida | Strategic Logistic Geography

OAA is strategically located in Miami, Florida, the global gateway and hub location for serving the Americas, unsurpassed air, sea and data connections, and a skilled multicultural workforce and global facilities. Being located in Miami gives OAA and its partners many advantages in moving massive humanitarian aid to Latin American countries, to mention one, the Miami gateway significantly reduces transit times between the United States and Latin America or South America.

Country: Venezuela | Humanitarian Crisis Facts and OAA Plans


OAA’s strategy of working with local FBOs has proven to be effective in countries like Cuba and Central America. In keeping this strategy, OAA has engaged with Corazones de Esperanza (CDE) a charitable/health foundation in Venezuela to initiate collaboration efforts towards the objective of providing humanitarian aid to Venezuelans. CDE has 14 community kitchens, staffed by volunteers and operating from centrally located churches. CDE has 174 volunteers operating community kitchens and conducting all logistics and distributions activities. OAA fully vetted CDE and concluded that CDE is ready to manage the distribution of humanitarian aid sent from the US. CDE has logistics procedures established to clear significant quantity of humanitarian goods. CDE manages various storage facilities and conduct rapid distribution of aid to thousands of vulnerable persons, registered in a database. Besides the community kitchens, CDE is distributing small amounts of dehydrated packages of rice and other food products and supplies. Local purchase is also implemented, baskets with local procured products include: rice, sugar, cooking oil, and other basic products.

Current Geographic Coverage in Venezuela

Geographically, CDE serves in rough areas of the capital city Caracas, as well as the west region in Maracaibo, “La Guajira”, Ciudad Ojeda and Falcon. In process are the border in Cucuta and San Antonio del Táchira.


  • Carapita
  • La Pastora
  • Cartanal
  • Petare
  • El Mamón
  • La Colmena
  • Tierra Roja
  • Silias


  • Barrio Amparo
  • San Francisco
  • Barrio Las Tarabas
  • Barrio Teotiste de G
  • La Guajira (Chino Julio)


  • Mene Mauroa



  • San Antonio

Facts and Logistics Procedures

  • No large amount of humanitarian assistance in containers can be shipped to Venezuela due to government restrictions.
  • Currently, around 3500 Venezuelans are receiving food relief through CDE.
  • 46 churches have requested to be added to the distribution network, but remain on stand-by move until new funds and food is secured.
  • Port in Maracaibo and La Guaira would be the main two ports for containers destination and clearance.
  • CDE has three storage facilities: two in Maracaibo and one in Caracas. Trucks are available for distribution.

List of medicines of high priority

Blood pressure


Medical supplies for dialysis



Treatment of irritated skin

Cold relief medicines


Pain Relief medicine (Tylenol, Ibuprofen)