Serving Central America, Cuba and The Caribbean

December 2019

OAA’s Strength: A Strong Network of FBO Partners

Our partnerships help define how we do things differently. We strongly believe that our organization’s success is hinged on relationships; it’s what gives our work meaning. For 25 years OAA has strengthened civil society organizations to manage humanitarian aid and development initiatives for vulnerable populations, including in countries with authoritarian governments such as Cuba. OAA has achieved this by working and strengthening key local FBO partners to lead sustainable changes in their communities.

Pastor Kenton Moody, a local FBO partner of OAA in El Salvador,
reaching out to former and current gang members looking for
rehabilitation and new opportunities.

Cuban children and youth receiving food aid at a church-organized
sports tournament carried out by our local partners.

By working with FBO partners, OAA has proven to have the greatest sustainable impact by sharing knowledge, skills, and tools, while ensuring empowerment, capacity building, and addressing real needs of the communities and challenges. OAA’s strong network of local partners in Latin America and the Caribbean, includes many faith-based development partners (FBOs). Another effective way we partner with local FBOs is to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families alleviate their suffering and improve their dignity and quality of life.

Why Faith Based Partners?

FBOs provide unique opportunities to carry out programs and projects that impact local communities profoundly and permanently. They are often deeply embedded in their communities and they provide services that the government cannot or may not provide. Because of the nature of their work, they already have contact with the most vulnerable populations in Latin American societies, including at-risk children and youth. As a result, their communities view them beyond their religious role, and as conveners and platforms for discussions, and as trusted and respected sources of moral, intellectual and democratic leadership.

OAA promotes and enhances cohesiveness and strategic unity among FBOs to maximize their potential so they can have a greater impact in their communities and society, by fostering effective collaboration,identifying potential synergies, promoting faith-based networking, and sharing of resources and best practices.