Relief Programs
Disaster Preparedness & Assistance
Humanitarian Aid
Responding to Recovery Efforts
Our program of Port Resiliency Program (PReP), which seeks to provide technical,
Key Goals
material, and strategic tools to support ports facing complex challenges both during
and after a crisis event. It is our vision that the program will be expanded to airports in
Latin America and the Caribbean. The overall purpose of our Relief Programs,
*Facilitate implementation of
branded as Americas Relief Team initiative
(ART), is to provide humanitarian
the Port Resiliency Program
logistics assistance to benefit disaster victims and reduce the suffering of the most
(PReP) for all of the
vulnerable groups in the Americas, and to provide tools and resources needed to
international airports in the
increase their preparedness and self-sufficiency.
LAC region
*Participate in an OFDA
(USAID) Program of the U.S.
Government to reach millions
of people in the Americas
with lifesaving resiliency
*Create strategic agreements
with key non-profit and
corporate partners to
accomplish the Americas
Relief Team mission.
Through the implementation of Relief, Advocacy and Development key
programs/interventions, Outreach Aid to the Americas (OAA) has partnered with local faith-
based organizations to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families in Cuba and
LAC countries alleviate their suffering and improve their dignity and quality of life.