Development Programs
Empower Vulnerable Communities through
Capacity Building and Civil Society Strengthening
We emphasize two new strategic areas: (1) Training young people through programs
that include interactive participation such as youth camps, and (2) stepping up the
scholarship program to equip and prepare recipients to complete a certificate in
Key Goals
biblical and theological studies.
The purpose of the Development Programs is to give seminary students access to
* Increase Christianity’s
resources that are difficult to obtain in Cuba’s challenging environment. Because of
impact in Cuba by forming
their inability to receive printed religious materials, or effectively reproduce them,
leaders through theological
laptops and electronic tablets provide the most convenient way to strengthen their
education and leadership
ecclesiastical and ministerial education.
Since we started the Laptops and E-tablets Project , we have distributed a large
* Provide churches and
number of units loaded with software that includes various bible translations, atlases,
theological seminaries with
commentaries, and more material than available in an entire seminary to seven
the resources necessary to
seminaries in Cuba; hundreds of student pastors have shared the Christian library.
facilitate training of student
Distribution of Bibles and printed materials such as training guides received greater
pastors, build leadership, and
expand their knowledge of
* Facilitate training of
untrained pastors and leaders
by providing state-of-the art
resources such as computers
and e-tablets in the most
effective way.
Over 22 years, we have impacted and transformed people’s lives by providing resources, relief, aid and food
assistance, theological education and religious advocacy, technological equipment, and social services, during
a crisis period or permanently, with the collaboration and support of the many individuals, Christian-based
foundations, and others including collaborating ministries & partners, and a large network of local in-country