Advocacy Programs
Advocating for Freedom of Religion,
Expression and Assembly
Through EchoCuba’s life-changing mission trips, churches and ministries across
Key Goals
America share the Gospel, meet practical needs, and support the mission of the church.
Participants become part of this work when they schedule a fully licensed mission trip
focused on a true, authentic, and healthy partnership. They take the opportunity to
* Serve the persecuted church
share their passions, interests and talents with the Cuban church and watch their faith
through practical and spiritual
assistance while leading
Christians in the free world
EchoCuba specializes in partnering groups with an established or a new church
into fellowship with them.
throughout Cuba. We seek to provide unique opportunities for U.S. churches to learn
about the growing but suffering Christian church in Cuba, and to partner with them to
* Provide opportunities for
help provide support to those who need it most. Itineraries are then tailored to provide
individuals and churches to
a comprehensive understanding of the struggles, joys, dreams and daily lives of fellow
learn about the situation of
Christians and pastors.
the church, and invite them to
participate in solutions.
* Create awareness that will
empower people who are
seeking freedoms and greater
human rights.
The Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region has made enormous development strides in recent decades,
from the consolidation of democratic governments and continued advances in health and education to more
recent progress in protecting the environment and reducing inequality, but nearly 130 million people still live
in chronic poverty. These are the vulnerable women, men, children and youth in the region living on below a
US$1.90/day poverty line (UNDP, 2016).