Improving The Quality Of Life

Community-based organizations with capacity design, manage, deliver, evaluate, and sustain targeted programs that improve the quality of life. In some degree all of OAA’s work builds capacity, and the concept is an essential component of our mission to "provide the tools and resources needed to increase self-sufficiency. Our programs strengthen the capacity of government to formulate and implement policies to improve governance and oversight.
OAA works predominantly in Central America and the Caribbean, focusing on working in maturing democracies where civil societies and human rights are at the center of tension. In such societies, citizens and communities may not be familiar with or open to organizing and engaging with local government and community leadership organizations. OAA’s approach is to strengthen civil society and community development by providing greater opportunity for citizen engagement in improving access to social and civil services. OAA builds partnerships at the community level, local governments, and the private sector. We develop grassroots capacity to make long-term improvements to community living standards.